Tuesday, December 1, 2009

live in the present

i happened upon this "window" on my way to meet trish today

also inspiring me:
  • purchasing holiday stamps for holiday cards.
  • leaving three anonymous thank you/heart notes around the city for people to find. 1. wrapped up in the dollar bill i put in The Salvation Army red kettle. 2. slipped inside a mailbox. 3. on a counter at the bank.
  • sitting on the 88 bus at Third and Cambridge, aware and grateful for my happiness and peacefulness. even in the midst of some anxiety and grief, i felt ease and joy in the still center of my being. "what makes this so?" i wondered. "not struggling, fighting, wrestling, resisting...just allowing me to be me and to have my whole experience." my wise being responded. there is room for everything, every thing.
  • a new month filled with BIG intentions. for example, fulfilling my autumnal equinox vow (to cultivate play, vitality and being big) as i prepare for the winter solstice.
  • these words have been showing up a lot in my life recently: "the truth will set you free." okay, message received.

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Anonymous said...

. . . room for everything. every thing. . .
I love this, needed to hear this, too. xo!