Sunday, December 13, 2009


taken with K's camera

a handful of true things:
  • this song. "Be still my love/ Open up your heart / Let the light shine in...Just be here now...On a clear day / I can see, see for a long way..."
  • i found some treasures at the thrift store today. i look forward to wearing one of these magical finds tomorrow during my 10 a.m. interview (an interview for a part-time, potentially perfect, position!). i will be giving away the other thrift store treats in upcoming weeks.
  • this afternoon i cleaned our living room (one of my roomie chores for the week) and dressed it up in multi-colored twinkle lights and holly foil/wire garland. i heart a festive and cozy home.
  • tonight my roomie dears and i lit the menorah and said "yes!" to miracles unfolding in our lives.
  • this morning i went to a worship service where there was talk about these things: love; mercy; waiting; rejoicing; "death is an open door" (oh how this moved me, the way the reverend spoke it, and how i thought about my bella and the door she traveled through and the door i traveled through...); and, "not worry[ing] about anything."

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postcards from... said...

i love that you said "yes!" to miracles unfolding.

that really made me smile and think about saying yes too