Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 january 2010

  • waking feeling something in the neighborhood of refreshed.
  • haiti on my mind and in my heart.
  • kitchen table conversation and a long cleansed-by-the-cold-air walk with l.m., a roomie dear.
  • walking behind and witnessing for nearly a mile a father and daughter conversing and meandering together, linked, arm in arm. love and gladness on foot.
  • an afternoon at home viewing of Away We Go.
  • i am claiming another word, in addition to bliss, as a word of the year ~ voice. two words for 2010 ~ bliss and voice, voice and bliss.


Ivy said...

I will think about that... voice and bliss, bliss and voice.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog a month or so ago - when I was looking up references to Sue Monk Kidd - (I had just finished the book her daughter published)
I dip into your site every so often. I noticed you haven't written in a bit so I hop you're okay.