Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 january 2010

today, on this tender day, i found bella:
  • in a glee*full puppy, bouncing and prancing about, across the street from where i stood while waiting for the bus this morning.
  • in the golden brown ponytail of a young woman on the bus.
  • in trish's homemade remedy for heartache ~ thoughtful presence, laughter and all kinds of silliness.
  • at the end of a heart*full phone call with momma this early-ish afternoon i spotted the tiniest, lightest, most delicate heart-shaped piece of tissue paper on the floor outside of my office.
  • in the "timbuk2" bag of the person standing in front of me.
  • wrapped around me while i wore her college hoodie tonight.


vivienne said...

so beautiful that you found her in all these moments today!

Anonymous said...

lovely.. . . . all of this finding makes me smile & know that you are being hugged. :o)

Butternose said...

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Your words reminded me to reflect on what is truly important in life. And, it's not the dishes piling up in my sink, or the laundry that needs to be done, or the bathroom that needs to be clean but instead it's my little gal who is tugging at my pant leg to stop doing the chores and "please play dinosaur with me."
So, thank you!