Saturday, February 20, 2010

19 february 2010

  • this a.m. i left treats and "birthday observed" notes in the kitchen for roomie l. she will be out of town on her day of birth so today at our home it was her "birthday observed." tonight roomie l., roomie s. and i enjoyed three hours at our kitchen table sipping wine, toasting, talking, eating gluten-free pizza and salad from here, singing happy birthday, making wishes and savoring gluten-free chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and hot pink sugar crystals.
  • a cheerful walk to the subway this dazzling a.m. when i work in my office downtown i usually catch the bus to the subway in the morning. walking this a.m. was a refreshing change. i am grateful that much of my life is {and always has been} spent traveling on foot. i am thankful, thankful, thankful for my strong, healing feet and legs.
  • on this morning walk through my neighborhood i spied a multi-colored glove for a very wee hand propped in a visible location ~ positioned, no doubt, to catch the eye of that wee one's guardian. throughout my neighborhood this season i have happened upon a couple of spots like this ~ spots where a bright hat or single mitten/glove is showcased, waiting to be claimed. this makes me smile. i don't think of what's lost. i think about what's been found, even given, to me, a passerby, who imagines the little wearers of these goods frolicking about, alive, well and free.
  • during three {out of a total of five} of my waiting periods at subway stations today there were musicians playing instruments. this made my heart sing.
  • i finished this book on the subway this a.m. i have been reading it all week long on the subway. sometimes smiling out loud. so funny, this book.
  • there was a special, four-legged, furry guest in my downtown office. a sweet doggie dear. this afternoon when she visited my desk area i turned to her, she paused and i paused and we just looked into each others' brown eyes for a long moment. sometimes no words are needed to speak, to connect. love.
  • this afternoon i sat in a familiar place with a relatively unfamiliar person, who felt somehow familiar. mostly what there is to say about this is this {bountiful} handful of words ~ ease, hope, yes to adventure.
  • this evening, in the dark and chill, another successful jog/walk-stretch x 2. in this space, in this practice, i am attentive to the temple that is my body.
  • now ~ to sleep peacefully, blissfully.

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vivienne said...

how sweet that you had a "birthday observed" celebration. i love that.

hoping you have more lovely walks, more musical interludes and a really beautiful weekend my friend!