Saturday, February 20, 2010

20 february 2010

  • this affirmation, "You know what to do." i do know what to do.
  • morning time with k. in the car, standing in line on the sunny side of the street and at a table for two at a new-to-me spot in a new-to-me neighborhood.
  • an afternoon catnap. the light in my bedroom is exquisite in the mid-afternoon time. i am grateful i gave myself this gift of rest, rest in the light.
  • a surprise phone call post-catnap. i thought it was my dear m. instead it was h., dear m.'s daughter, on the other end of the line. such a sweet surprise to speak with a young + growing {+ articulate!} one. i can't wait to {finally} meet h. and her younger brothers this summer.
  • some analyzing of one sentence in an e-mail received yesterday. some worrying. some prayer. some letting go. knowing + trusting it is all unfolding perfectly.
  • some replaying of parts of an approximately 100 minute interaction yesterday afternoon into evening. some hoping. some prayer. some waiting. some letting go. knowing + trusting it is all unfolding perfectly.
  • the made with love soundtrack roomie l. gave to me for heart's day played in the background while i wrote in the late afternoon into early night. on the cover of the cd case are these stamped and handwritten words, "Love...For your open heart and generous soul, here's a soundtrack for a year of love, life and laughter." yes, to all of this!
  • a night walk under the 40% of full moon. imagining springtime nights in my neighborhood. bliss.

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