Sunday, March 21, 2010

14 - 20 march 2010

she's been keeping watch. thank you {again} for this gift, danielle.
  • awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the {leaping forward} night into the early morning. listening to the rain + wind. this springing forward felt more like a blasting forward.
  • {last weekend} dealing with some disappointment about canceled plans due to not feeling well. shelter from rain + wind. ease + rest called to me. still, it's been weeks since i've seen K. sigh.
  • filling up the last pages of another daily writing journal + beginning another.
  • Ellen DeGeneres + Portia de Rossi on Oprah.
  • a reiki + massage exchange with another practitioner. wonderful to give + receive.
  • i read this post by my friend, Trish, at wish studio. she made her blogging debut! i look forward to hearing + seeing more of this talented + spirited beauty in the bloggie world.
  • 5 tips for meaning in cleaning by Karen Maezen Miller. three gems ~ 1. "Focus on the doing, not the getting done." 2. "We spend most of our lives ignoring what’s in front of us and looking instead for something more." 3. "Your own attention is what transforms your life." presence, presence, presence. i look forward to reading her new book.
  • a few things i spied on my st. patrick's day late afternoon walk ~ eight bikes attached to the fence in front of one house on school street; three houses with statues of mary in the front yards; and, one open window.
  • sitting on the front stoop in the early evening reading Style Statement.
  • a thursday afternoon into friday morning visit with t., a philly friend. it was sweet to begin our gathering on a thursday in my new england home as our weekly tea date in philly was every thursday. we walked to + from dinner here. we shared a gluten-free pizza; a spinach, red onion + avocado salad with olive oil, lemon + thyme dressing; and, a gluten-free brownie sundae. we talked, listened, hugged + held. it was the perfect time for this perfect visit.
  • wearing fresh out of the box sneakers {a purchase made long ago} + favorite warm-ish weather garb.
  • spring equinox! morning run, clean sheets, laundry + a bit of spring cleaning. catching up conversations + communications. making plans to celebrate an april anniversary {Anais Mitchell + game night}. i followed the light all day ~ working on my practice by the open window in the living room, on the front porch + by the open window in my bedroom. an evening walk.

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Anonymous said...

So honored to be apart of your blog!

Trish oxox