Saturday, March 13, 2010

postcard 1

dearest s.,

i've been meaning to tell you. many weeks ago i saw a cat, who looked just like your w., sitting in the window of a house {painted spring/easter green} on highland avenue. i have never seen a cat who looks like your w. weeks later i passed the house again + noticed that there was a "npr" sticker in the window. of course it reminded me of our AP english class in high school. how funny is that?! forevermore this will be known to me as "s.'s window." i love that this window is just up the street from me rather than 446 miles away.

{dear reader, l.p. is a nickname s. gave to me in high school. if i were to tell you what "l.p." stands for, it would require a great deal of explaining + now that i think about it, i may just need to write s. another postcard to ask her to remind me again how this whole "l.p." thing started...}

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