Saturday, March 13, 2010

4 - 13 march 2010

  • honoring my work schedule for the practice i am creating. this feels so good.
  • getting ready to order this table {in orchid} for my practice.
  • writing, writing, writing, writing, writing...writing, writing, writing, writing, writing.
  • "The other interesting thing about a work life is how different it is from a workday. The tasks we face on a given day are often around specific actions, or specific conversations we need to undertake. The tasks we face in pursuing a work life more often have to do with intangibles, with what cannot yet be touched or spoken, and very often with the great intangibles of our unhappiness. In a good workday you are more often than not trying to make other people happy; in a good work life you are trying to make your self happy. In a work life we must treat the intangibles as seriously and as practically as we treat the touchable, doable tasks of a given day. To do this we must use a different language and a different imagination from what we might use at a desk or a workbench; we must locate a form of current different from the one that powers our laptops or our power tools, an internal current inside the imagination, inside the body that is determined to flow out around all external obstacles and find its way home." ~ from The Three Marriages by David Whyte
  • a couple of successful runs!
  • bus to nyc + back. saturday night dinner at Sapori d'Ischia with d. a sunny sunday in manhattan with mes parents {they traveled up from the garden state}. we ate a light lunch at Le Pain Quotidien {the one at abc carpet & home}. we walked + walked + walked from square park to square park to square park all day long. we landed here for an early dinner before saying, "so long. i love you. see you in less than 5 weeks! and, oh dad, i'll drop my tax stuff in the mail this week {so that you can do my taxes for me}!" an early monday morning board meeting on the 38th floor of a building in times square {what. a. view.}.
  • i purchased a plane ticket to visit with my bff, s. + her partner, a. i am grateFULL + giddy that i will be attending their baby shower + spending a long early april weekend with them!
  • sore throat in the mornings. a glass of orange juice x 2 or 3 or 4. water x gallons. hot mugs o' tea. bowls of soup. a few bee honey drops. at least one crazy loud sneeze per day. {why yes, i was just getting ready to declare, "i haven't been sick this winter!"}
  • a friday night skype date with a wyoming beloved, who i can't wait to see this summer.
  • honoring early march birthdays of dear friends near + far ~ l.m. + s.n. + k.d. + l.w.
  • a phone message from a friend who lives in the city of brotherly + sisterly love {my former home}. she will be in town this week for a gig + we will get to visit!
  • receiving a precious note with a tea bag from ab. {ab, i enjoyed the tea this early afternoon!}
  • Zooey sings Dream a Little Dream of Me.
  • looking forward to diving into Style Statement.
  • thinking a lot about shame + worthiness + love of self.
  • getting ready to spring forward {in all ways}.

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