Sunday, April 4, 2010

1 - 4 april 2010

  • sunshine + seventies.
  • a new + fun {carry-on} suitcase for travelin'. destination #1 ~ to s. + a.'s for a long, celebratory, spring weekend!
  • an early saturday morning run {no jacket/cover needed!}. sharing the path with many babies + doggie wonders.
  • five treasures found here. 2 hats {just the kind of hats i've been dreaming about} + 2 bags {the search is finally over!} + 1 sweater {perfect for spring + fall layering}.
  • dancing to "Bubbly."
  • connecting with this beauty + grateful for her enthusiastic response to my inquiry {more on that soon!}.
  • sitting in my square on saturday afternoon into evening.
  • outdoor phone chats with K + d. + momma.
  • piecing together a new volume of tunes {my soundtrack for this leg of my life journey}.
  • gathering goodies for beloveds in honor of easter + happy new home + birthdays/birthday months.
  • reading Olive Kitteridge.
  • an early morning easter walk here, where i met flip-flop wearin' K. later we walked to K's new + lovely home.
  • sitting on the front stoop for an easter afternoon phone chat with mes parents.

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