Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 - 8 april 2010

  • i spy: a hopscotch + Happy Easter message chalked on sidewalks in my neighborhood; sailboats on the river; what Helen saw, through her exquisite writing in this post; and, Deb Koffman ART.
  • i smell: outdoor grilling.
  • i hear: this tune by Colin Hay; the sound of my momma's voice, lifted + lightening, after some heavy days {i am excited to see her + my poppa on saturday!}; and, a momma calling out to her daughter in the early morning, "have a good day, Lulu!"
  • i touch: my tree of life necklace, the piece of jewelry i purchased in honor of bella. when i wear it, i feel her circling me, dangling close, within reach.
  • i taste: spinach pancakes.

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