Saturday, May 1, 2010


things that lifted my spirit this week:
  • a wednesday evening Skype turned phone date with ab. i wish we were neighbors and at the end of some days we would meet up, say hello, dig in the dirt, go for a run, share a meal, sit on the sofa and sip hot mugs of tea, play in her studio...together. a girl can dream.
  • a thursday night pilgrimage to Kathy's house for a Mondo Beyondo local gathering. i heart these women ~ i am grateful for this tribe and their presence since the fall into winter and now in spring.
  • a friday evening walk to a back patio barbecue at the home of dear friends.
  • a saturday morning call to my parents to say, "enjoy the show!" i gifted them with tickets for mother's day and father's day.
  • a saturday morning into afternoon reconnecting {to self, another and earth} adventure at Walden Pond with a dear soul*friend.
  • indian food {take out} for saturday night's dinner.


Googlover said...

nice space. I look forward to reading more

stefanie renee said...

i love that you know Kathy - I met her at Jen Lee's retreat ...such a beautiful soul. much love to you both!