Tuesday, June 19, 2007


i know there are a lot of lovers of lists out there. i am a lover of lists, too! today as i shift from the heaviness of recent days, releasing what is no longer necessary or appropriate for me to carry in my heart & mind, i am making room to celebrate my delights:

*a deeply fulfilling first phone date with a new friend & openhearted soulsister, s. i look forward to all of the phone dates that are in our future!
*the perfect gift from this magical & inspiring being! thank you, kelly rae.
*beginning my search for the perfect new home space. i looked at three apartments this afternoon. i did not find my perfect new home space today and it feels good to be picking up the phone & scheduling appointments & viewing the spaces & trusting that i will find the perfect new spot to call home.
*speaking of home...i love the word "home."
*today as i walked (in the rising heat!) from my weekly tuesday morning appointment to my office i thought about days like this 20+ years ago. i remembered the afternoons i spent in our old backyard with my momma & bro and how we would come inside and have a fudgsicle or an orange creamsicle for a snack when we got hot enough. such a sweet memory. [i must admit i also felt a bit of longing to return to a place before all of the losses & deaths & transitions i have experienced, witnessed and birthed. and, yes, it was also a time long before all the grace & joy & beauty & love blossomed & erupted in the cracked-wide-open spaces of my heart.]
*glasses of fresh, cool water.
*looking forward to a dinner & dessert date with tender l. tomorrow evening; a dinner date with my sweet roomie on friday evening; and lunch with m., my radiant friend & momma-to-be, on saturday!

what are your delights?

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