Tuesday, November 13, 2007


glim, glim, glimmers!
*i spent days with this treat, this movie, this beauty, Into Great Silence. i am invited to slow down, to stillness, to celebrating the majesty of this moment and this moment and this moment and to knowing all as prayer.
*returning to collaging, full of collage ideas: prayer; water; animals; food; relationships; december.
*she has a thing for elephants, too! see november 8, 2007 blog entry.
*this brave dancing mermaid.
*coming home to my nest at the end of my work day, a day in which i am feeling intense physical aches, putting on layers of bella's clothes and making a cup of yogi tea containing this message: "May you be healthy, happy and holy."

bless you, splendid ones. may you & yours be healthy, happy and holy.


bella said...

Thinking of you this late night and sending you sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

This post is so full of energy and comfort...I'm glad I stopped by today.

mccabe said...

you are so sweet.
love your glimmers.