Sunday, December 30, 2007


i have a sense of this new year that i am stepping into. the number 8, abundantly round/pregnant with possibility. i am aware that 8 is my birth month. what will i create? what will i encounter? where will i be at this time next year? with whom will i be sharing new and/or deepening life & love? what will i learn? what adventures will i create and/or participate in?

"rebirth" & "solitude" are the words contained in the images associated with my current & last week's Free Will Astrology horoscopes. a year ago, while traveling with my family in san francisco, i cut this Rob Brezsny horoscope out of a local newspaper:

"Happy Holy Daze, Leo! In 2007, I predict that you'll experience a metaphorical version of something that's rare in nature: a gentle birth. There'll be a big new addition to your life, in other words, and its arrival won't hurt a bit--may even feel downright ecstatic. Here's some more mysterious good news: In the coming months, you will have the power to learn from the moon, converse with the dead, and remember your ancient origins..."

i've revisited this horoscope, posted in my journal, on occasion this 2007. i know it to be true, heart-parts, essential parts of my 2007 story. a gentle birth. a big new addition in my life. having the power to learn from the moon, converse with the dead, and remember my ancient origins. i sit with this grace-full abundance. i offer my open-hearted gratitude. and, i envision the future blossoming, bursting...

inspiring artist, performer & songwriter Christine Kane writes about choosing a word for the upcoming year here (rather than making resolutions). i've been sitting with this during the past 24 hours+ and the word that emerges & re-emerges & inspires me is this word: believe. BElieve. beLIeVE.

and, you? what about your 2007? what about your 2008? any thoughts on a word for the upcoming year?

i am off to celebrate with a tender soul, a chosen sister. i do hope your day & night are filled with yummy-ness!

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bella said...

I didn't know you are a Leo. Me too. :)
I'm still pondering my word for 08.
I'm happy to be sharing this coming year with you.