Sunday, December 30, 2007

sprinkles o' twinkles

here are some of my sprinkles o' twinkles:
*the movie, Juno. Ellen Page rocks! as do the other actors...
*this post by jen lemen. the last paragraph, in particular. jen invited me (via this post) to remember the magic of my breath.
*Swirly Girl's launching a new inspirational blog entitled, SPARKLETOPIA, on January 1st. i dig it!
*always, Bella's blog.
*my multi-colored twinkle lights, 25 feet of 'em, lighting up my nest on this rainy, chilly sunday night after a delicious & sweet visit with l. at a cozy spot in the city.
*imagining my word of the year (believe) on one of her magic rocks!
*egg nog with a dash of nutmeg.
*walking arm in arm with a healing soul, yogini d., during our visit in my city. we enjoyed homemade breakfasts, tea/coffeehouse hopping, exchanging gifts, sitting on a couch together exploring a world atlas (we both love maps!), soft & rich conversation, getting comfy & watching Beautiful Girls, feeling at home and being together, in sisterhood.
*text messages to and from beloved ones. the ones who tell me they love me; the ones who call me "SWEETS"; the ones who send "xo" and ";-)"...
*being my own best partner. i've been making a long journey to be here: to partnering with me/committing to me & allowing this to be perfect & enough as it is; honoring & celebrating my partnership with me. it is one of my heart's deepest callings, to be in loving relationship & life partnership with another. i know that the universe is readying us (me & the one with whom i will create & share & cultivate life partnership). i also know that there is no need to delay or limit partnering. right now, i am being called to deep & fulfilling partnership with me. taking me on dates. taking me to the movies & out to dinner. enjoying my company. embracing & loving me.
*dreaming about this new year. my first trip to africa. a reunion in washington state. being ordained. new work/new job. choosing an area of study & continuing my studies post-ordination. receiving my reiki iii certificate. using new technology: ipod & digital camera! dreaming about the future. going back to ireland. owning a home. following my bliss. creating the work of my dreams. being a momma. discovering how i am being called to serve/be of service/be light in my lifetime & day by day.
*preparing to spend time on the 31st & 1st creating & planning & dreaming & intending & resting & being & playing. i'm considering writing myself a letter to be opened on december 31, 2008...
*a new food discovery: eating dates with greek yogurt. try it!
*receiving this book from a sparkling being. this is a book i've gifted to other dear ones. such a treasure to receive it from a dear one!
*receiving & hearing the message (really hearing the message & really receiving the message in my heart): every single step that i've ever taken, up to this point (and, every step that i will take) matters. there are no mistakes. it is all unfolding perfectly, step by step.
*experiencing being present & returning to the present. welcoming: allowing, ease & flow.

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Susannah said...

what an inspiring list - i especially love the idea of writing a letter to be opened on the last day of 2008 - i might do that too.... wishing you the happiest new year, dear girl x