Monday, December 31, 2007


i'm wondering: if my life is an altar, what elements rest on my sacred table? if your life is an altar, what elements rest on your sacred table?

today you will find these things on the altar of me: a pine cone (in honor of the earth, this land, this season); a glass of red wine (to toast to the all of life); a dish of water (to bless & drink & cleanse); a dish of sand (to remember the simplicity & wonder of the abundant tiny details of this life); a handful of shiny pennies (love offerings from bella); a lit white candle (to honor my great heart-journey); a pen (to respond to the holy calling to write, to act, to connect); a notebook (to dream & plan & create & document); a seed (of promise); a paintbrush (to paint my life wildly & colorfully); a handwritten "i love you" from bella on a small, square, hot pink sticky note (to wrap around my body); an empty bowl (to hold the spaciousness & the possibility); an invitation (to commune & celebrate with my beloved ones); and, two words scribbled on a slip of paper, "goodbye" and "hello" (a bridge from 2007 to 2008).

i bow to my 2007 journey. i bow to your 2007 journey.

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bella said...

Your life alter is so rich with beauty and power and grace. I feel the sacredness and humanity of your words, your offerings, your heart, your life.