Thursday, December 13, 2007


words are inviting me to come in from out of the cold, to walk through the open door.

i am sitting and snuggling up close to these words, listening for the words that these words are giving birth to...

i offer you these words, discovered about an hour ago as i prepared a cup of late afternoon tea:

"Life is a
flow of love;
your participation
is requested."
-wisdom attached to the end of my yogi ginger tea bag

will you come to this love party? i'll be there.

and, these words, from Barbara Kingsolver's essay, "Small Wonder":

"I choose this: God is in the details, the completely unnecessary miracles sometimes tossed up as stars to guide us."
-p. 6

what do you choose?
what miracles tossed up as stars are guiding you today?

also from "Small Wonder":

"I believe in parables. I navigate life using stories where I find them, and I hold tight to the ones that tell me new kinds of truth."
-p. 6

what do you believe?
how do you navigate life?
what are you finding today?

1 comment:

bella said...

finding joy today.
and finding and believing that I am enough, always enough.
Thanks for the words you share.