Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ladybug message

yesterday afternoon as i walked home from my office to make lunch (i conveniently work two and a half blocks from where i live), i spotted a ladybug making her way across a large, square, concrete slab on the sidewalk. i keep thinking about her. i've been wondering what there is for me to learn from her. i often wonder this when i notice something delight-fully simple & beauty-fully extraordinary. i let the thing i notice enter me, touch me, move me. i make myself available for these kinds of miracles. there's no shortage of miracles in my life.

i'm discovering there's a message from this ladybug-wonder unfolding in my heart. her message (written on my heart) reads, "slow. steady now. this isn't a race. these things, these heart matters, these whole-making things, take time. pay attention. be grateful. notice the victories. there are victories. i know sometimes you think there's only one victory (namely, of the once-and-for-all-i've-healed-this variety). i have to tell you, though, there isn't just one outcome to celebrate. there are all the steps you are taking that need (they are hungry for it!) your honor & celebration. throw yourself a party! i know sometimes it feels like you are in nowheres-ville or even regression-ville. i'm here to tell you, even if you don't believe me, that's simply not true. you're doing great. you noticed me, tiny me. me, this little speck in your big city. my child, keep giving yourself that kind of attention. you're healing. yes, you are. you are going to make it across the large concrete slabs in your journey. i know you're dealing with a big, aching place right now. you've been dealin' with this for nearly two decades now. more than half your life. and, you're gonna heal it, dear girl. you're gonna. you are on your way. grace-fully. that's all for now. i'm glad our paths crossed. thank you for noticing me. thank you for receiving my message."

what messages are unfolding in your heart tonight?


daisies said...

how beautiful and magical to see a lady bug amongst the concrete city and how beautiful and magical to work within walking distance of your home :)

it all sounds so magical ... and confirms for me the message that anything is possible if only we allow ourselves to open our hearts and see it ... this is a beautiful post, xox

pERiWinKle said...

We are all loved beyond anything we can think of...if we could just see, know and feel that...we are loved beyond! xx

bella said...

oh this is so beautiful.
letting go the once and for all variety to step into, notice, and celebrate this here and now victory.
magic, truth, such attention which is love, it is everywhere.