Saturday, January 5, 2008

my day

here's what my today looked/looks like:
*waking up to the sound of the alarm at 8:00 a.m. after 9 hours of sleep, rich with dreams. hitting snooze. staying in bed until 8:30 a.m.
*cleaning up some. eating a bit of cereal.
*leaving my nest at 9:20 a.m. for a 9:45 a.m. yoga class.
*a full (of peeps, whose new year's resolutions seem to include: "attend saturday morning yoga class"...he-he-he!) & gently strengthening yoga class led by a sweet being (during class i thought, "i want to be her friend.").
*chatting briefly with my momma (via cell) during my walk home.
*eating a bit of yogurt with a sprinkle of granola.
*putting on one of bella's sweaters.
*chatting briefly, again, with my momma.
*walking to meet up with my dear friend, t., who was away in colorado for the holidays. so grateful for her healing & refreshing journey & her safe return.
*seeing some other beloved souls i know when i arrived at the spot where i was meeting t. sharing hugs & "happy new year!"
*accompanying t. to purchase a most fabulous hat!
*a tasty & made-with-love lunch with t. at an indian restaurant. this was my first time to this restaurant. i will be returning!
*rooibos vanilla tea with t. at a new (new to me) coffee/tea spot. i love discovering new places/spaces in my city!
*hours of heart-warming & inspiring & healing conversation with t.
*my body walked home while my spirit skipped!
*checking e-mail & checkin' in with my bloggie lights (my "daily dose" links) and some other peeps.
*sipping ginger tea.
*writing, visioning: the kind of business/practice i am called to create; the name of the business/practice i am creating; business card, logo & web page ideas...
*completing a collage.
*beginning a new collage.
*finding my way here...

and, you? what does your day look like? i hope it was/is filled with magical encounters, nourishing adventures & hope-full discoveries...


pERiWinKle said...

my day today....was fun! My sweet hubbie and I realised a dream of about 5 years? You are going to laugh...we bought ourselves bikes. hehehehe...something we wanted to do for years now, but for some or other reason, never did (could use the money for something else!)...and today...we got our bikes. His is bright blue...and mine is turquois...and we raced! And laughed! and I feel alive! xx

pERiWinKle said...

today m3 and i realised a dream we had for about 5 years....(you're going to smile..) we bought ourselves bicycles! Yummie! His is bright blue and mine is turquois...we raced! and laughed! It was such fun! We even went riding in the dark...with our 'very special' lights...:-0)
I feel alive! xx

I agree....there is no seperation in spirit...xx

bella said...

Your day sounds perfectly wonderful, filled with things that feed and nurture you.
I've been having a couple of those days myself this weekend.
Yoga, good food, time with my man and boy, looking at pictures and cutting out ones I like, dreaming and napping, eating yummy food, feeling my breath.

MiaStella said...

That sounds like a PERFECT day! Hope you have more just like it!

daisies said...

your saturday sounds deliciously lovely ~ much like my saturday which was spent in relaxed beauty, stretched out playing with paints, talking to a friend and dreaming and smiling and just being ... :)