Sunday, January 13, 2008

rocking my world...

i'm diggin':
*this post entitled, "vocation," by the goddess-wonder, Bella.
*my new haircut & the salon where it all happened (my first time there & i will be back!).
*reading this guide book in preparation for my adventure. i depart on my 1/2 birthday...bella would so dig that! the adventure & that i'm departing on my 1/2 birthday & that i even talk about my 1/2 birthday (she did that, too...).
*reading these books about eating health-fully.
*exploring pERiwINKle's world & daisies'/dar's world.
*a productive & enriching weekend. time with friends. sleeping in on saturday & being in my pj's until late afternoon/early evening while i dove into my written work for seminary.
*re-discovering this cd, Hush. [hush. don't you just love that word?] further discovering that Jane Siberry changed her name to Issa, which led me here to a song entitled, "Anytime." i am in awe of the message (in the song, "Anytime") from bella to me, an affirmation of what i know & trust. she sings to me, "i will always be there..." have a listen here and perhaps you, too, will receive a message from one of your loves.
*Green & Black's Organic Hazelnut & Currant Dark Chocolate...yum-yum-yummy!
*discovering heart-shaped things daily, particularly on the ground in my city. i tuned into this via this sparkle-y girl; see one of her images here.


bella said...

reading this, your list of such wonders and gifts, it was like a long drink of cold water, a perfect cup of tea.
I am nourished. Refreshed.

mccabe said...

what i am digging:


daisies said...

what a fantastic list of beauty ... i too am digging you!! xox

pERiWinKle said...

for always making my day...I gave you a 'make my day award'...look on my blog...xx