Thursday, April 10, 2008

today's notes

some of the notes i took today:

*spring cleaning
*spending time here
*how will i treat myself this weekend?
*connecting with, listening to & following my heart
*grateful for "a love note to you" posted here
*living out
*living out loud
*living in light
*living in my body
*living in my breath
*living in my beauty
*living in my heart
*yearning to create
*writing a petition to god (inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert; see pages 32-33, bead 9)
*living in joy
*living in connection
*living spring
*grateful for the open window in my office, beside my desk; the plant that sits in front of this open window; and, the view.
*what other windows am i opening this spring?
*"live to the point of tears." -camus
*sprinkles of laughter
*cupcake power here

what notes are you taking today?

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