Sunday, September 21, 2008

on the eve of autumn: Sacred Life Sunday

today is the last of day summer and here is what my , what i also name "worship", looks like today:

*watching this. jen gray rocks. i laughed hard and cried just as hard while watching this beauty. here's another link to "Say Hey" by Michael Franti.
*relaxing in bed for hours this a.m. watching season 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls. eating a small fruit salad made with raspberries, apple chunks, banana slices and a sprinkle o' cinnamon.
*tending to my little nest after returning home late last night from a shift*full, whirl*wind time, 32.5 hours, in nyc. dishes. dusting. unpacking. making a grocery list. opening mail.
*thinking about this post from a superhero and how relevant it was when i read it a few days ago and how i lived my own version of this while in nyc. Andrea's post wrapped itself around me like a blanket on friday night - saturday morning, offering comfort, connection, security.
*a long late morning/early afternoon walk in the sun in my home city. stopping to purchase one of my favorite treats, a made with goodness and care chocolate chip scone from a natural foods market. also purchasing some butternut squash soup to warm and eat in the upcoming autumn days. i love, love, love autumn. if i had to name a season that primarily represents me and my way of being in the world it would be this season. from my auburn hair to my love of pumpkin pie to my commitment to living a life where others feel refreshed, nourished, warmed and cozy in my presence and in the world (which is how autumn makes me feel).
*making brunch. a mushroom, green onion and spinach omelet with sweet potato slices sauteed in a little bit of olive oil.
*listening to this golden song by Jill Scott. one of the many songs i've discovered while participating in yoga classes in my yoga studio of choice.

and, you? what does your worship look like today?

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