Sunday, October 5, 2008

sit with me: Sacred Life Sunday

sitting & sitting with / being & being with were the rich threads woven throughout this weekend as i spent time at the lake, away from my city, with two beloveds from another city.

tonight i am filled up with these gratitudes & nourishments & more: fresh air (after eating sunday breakfast at the picnic table in the sunshine & saturday's walk around the lake & apple orchard); soul*nourishing food & drink (e.g., two bowls of homemade lentil soup, a stack of whole grain pancakes, hot cups of tea & glasses of red wine); John Denver's Greatest Hits (one of my all time favorites!); hope (after sharing my thoughts on business*building, home*buying, partner*ship & mother*hood); deep rest (after a nearly 10 hour sleep in our cabin by the lake on saturday night); and, love (for my two beloveds who listen, who see me & offer their wisdom & humor).

what are you filled up with tonight?

my /my worship today included: washing dishes with care & taking a six mile morning walk with one of my beloveds, this generous one who i've known for 19 years.

tonight i offer you these treats:
*this recipe for "hippie cookies" discovered here.
*a little bit o' John Denver:

*this wish: a night full of warmth and light...

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Melissa said...

~Johnny!!~ John Denver rocks! As we were coming home from vacation, we played "Country Road" when we got off the 'highway' and got on the country road that would take us home. It was one of those perfect moments with the perfect song when you can't help but sing at the top of your lungs!

Our 17 year old hates it when we play "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" - hubby and I play it and clap and sing loudly anyway cause we're thankful to be country 'boys' (or girls). :)

Thanks for the song, Gem!

~Rocky Mountain High~