Sunday, January 11, 2009


dear ones,

would you say a lil' prayer, make a lil' wish, send a lil' love to me?

as i settle into this night and draw closer to tomorrow i am feeling such sadness rising. tomorrow is the anniversary of the day i last saw bella alive in her physical body. three years ago. at the airport. sending her off on great adventures (the one we knew about: studying abroad in Africa & the one we didn't know about then: her passage out of her physical life). the adventure continues...

i am certain your lil' prayer, wish, love will make a huge difference. and, i would be so, so, so very grateful.



Ann said...

Dear gem,

I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and have been so touched and inspired by it. Your beautiful spirit just shines through. I sent you some light this evening and hope that it helps and that you find comfort today.


daisies said...

in my thoughts, xo

pen* said...

holding you in your sadness and sending you warm healing wishes.


danette said...

Wow, Gem.

I'm thick with emotion.
My heart and thoughts I'm sending to you, as well as gratitude for your bravery and beauty.

I love that you made this request, there is such vulnerability and strength in asking for support of this nature.

In doing this you have made it easier for others to reach out and invite much needed love into their own lives.