Monday, January 12, 2009

thank you & the winner of the gem parcel

dear beauties,

thank you & you & you & you & Ann & on & on & on...for your generous love offerings in response to my request & in response to your knowing about today & this date & my heartache. all of it makes such a difference. thank you, thank you, thank you.


now for the winner of the first gem parcel of 2009: the divine Kirsten Michelle!

here is how i chose the winner...i wrote each name on a slip of paper and drew a heart next to each name. i folded up each slip of paper. i put all of these slips of paper in my very special "Tribe" hat. i stood in the center of my nest and shook and shook and shook this hat. i waited for the right moment to choose a name while the slips of paper danced in my hat. [the dancin' was fun and went on for quite some time.] then i discovered how the chosen name would be chosen! the first slip of paper to dance out of the hat would be the winner. and, so it is. you, dear Kirsten.

thank you all for playing and for sharing your hopes/words/intentions for 2009. i look forward to the next gem parcel give*away!

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