Thursday, December 31, 2009

my expansive, adventure-full 2009

dearest 2009,

on this last day of you, i honor thee.
the whole of expansive, adventure-full you.
this year of my being bRAVe in this.
this year of learning how to powerfully navigate the feeling of being "stuck" and strengthening my keeping-the-energy-flowing muscle.
you were this and more ~
the deep, pitch black darkness before the dawn;
herbal remedies;
watching, witnessing and allowing;
late winter visits from old friends ushering me into the dawn, the spring, renewal;
a trip to new england in april where an unseen future was unfolding and my nose was pierced, a baptism;
receiving a spirited invitation to consider moving north during my flight home from new england;
discerning and choosing to leap north;
a journey to honor bella and scatter some of her dust;
completing my five and a half years of work in the city of brotherly and sisterly love and saying goodbye to my work family;
new live music loves: Rose Cousins and Anais Mitchell;
free teleconference calls with Christine Kane;
mentoring an interfaith seminary student;
bags and bags full of goods to goodwill;
the movement of things in and out of storage;
finding my new home with two roomie dears;
the Mondo Beyondo e-course and local community;
clarifying my core values: voice, vitality, heart vision, gentleness and spaciousness;
Squam Art Workshops: finding my fire*side beauties, meeting some of my exquisite bloggie beauties and making art in the woods;
knitting again;
maintaining a daily morning practice;
weekly tea dates with Trish;
weekly meet-ups (mostly on sundays) with K., a fire*side beauty;
finding a place of worship;
becoming part of a women's spirituality/wisdom group;
an annual columbus day weekend heart*fest gathering in portland, maine;
my first roller derby;
solstice and equinox ceremonies;
building my practice;
being in process;
honoring my rhythm;
asking for and receiving support in my leaping, adventuring and daily living, learning;
new and inspiring work to assist with generating income while building my practice;
an annual making merry, making christmas weekend with my bff and her partner;
Skype dates with ab, another fire*side beauty;
being big;
a harvest meal;
hosting christmas in my new new england home; and,
ending with tonight's full, blue moon.

with the biggest love and greatest thanks,

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