Sunday, April 18, 2010

9 - 18 april 2010

  • flying to DC + back again.
  • gathering with my tribe + celebrating an upcoming birth.
  • a booth at Lebanese Taverna for dinner.
  • weekend footwear: flip-flops.
  • patio seating at Rio, a favorite place for Mexican food.
  • i put away the shovels + salt. a few days later, winter returned {thankfully, without sleet + snow}.
  • unpacking my new cloud colored Reiki table.
  • a Skype date with ab. i treasure her open heart.
  • honoring + celebrating joyFULLY ~ an anniversary, a baptism. a year ago i received an invitation {from Spirit} to consider leaping north. leap, leap, leap ~ i did. leaping, leaping, leaping ~ i am. i am blessed, blessed, blessed + grateful, grateful, grateful for every grain, thread, bit of my life.
  • friday night at Club Passim with K, l.m. + d. a mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream in hand. one of the best musical performances i have ever seen: Hadestown, a folk opera. inspired by 14 artists communing on stage + the three women surrounding me. go, go, go + see it ~ the tour schedule is posted here.
  • game night at my house: a collection of sisters + a brother, Apples to Apples {a favorite!}, Taboo, gluten-free brownies + wine.
  • baking Glenn's Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Candied Ginger.
  • some sunday sunlight + blue sky. just a momentary slice of this ~ filled up my home + heart. did you see it? did you "ooohhh" + "aaahhh" like i did? tomorrow it will be mostly sunny + warmer. delicious.
  • Chipping In + supporting Odette's Girls' Home-Coming. perhaps you would like to Chip In? you can ~ here!
  • backing {along with 125 other backers + counting} the project of artist + writer, Christina Rosalie. her project, A Field Guide to Now, is "a collection of illustrated essays and prose exploring the fabric of the present tense." Christina has raised $7,772 + has 26 days to raise $2,228 dollars. join 126 of us + back her here. visit her blog {one of my favorites!} here.


ab said...

I love this list. You have taken me there to your place in the world. Wishing you joy in your days ahead.
Love you!

Jen* said...

I love your weekly posts...they tell a story of a girl who is finding the beauty in life and growing and stretching to her fullest potential. I wish I lived close enough to see you for a reiki treatment!