Thursday, July 26, 2007

EVErything Is A Miracle

There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.
-Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

my beloved, bright & burn-ing (with love & light) spiritual director shared these words with me this morning during our monthly appointment. i am, indeed, living my life as though everything is a miracle.

i am thanking the universe endlessly for the gift of my life and living...i delight in living a life full of color, play, awe & gentle-ness. my sense of (the face of & the texture of) the divine/god/universe/spirit is expanding...oUtraGeoUslY!

i am enjoying sharing & cultivating a relationship with spirit that includes MAGniFYING the adventurous-Ness, the wild-nEss & the light-neSS. this is one of the grace-full gifts of my journey in living with bella's physical death. this journey resembles/mirrors the manner in which bella lived her life. i communicated in bella's eulogy: "The
earth was always [bella's] jungle gym and she is a most gracious and satisfied playmate. Her belly is full. Her hands and feet were meant to climb fearlessly and wildly all over the earth. Her eyes and mind were meant to behold and contemplate the earth with wisdom and compassion. Her spirit was meant to connect with the earth and all its inhabitants with open-ness, generosity and pure joy."

in this moment, if you asked me/if i asked myself: "what tune are you?" i would respond, "i am the tune of breath. not just my breath. i am the tune of the greater breath, the connective breath of the universe."

catching glimpses/catching miracles...

*looking out my bedroom window and seeing a cat on the windowsill of a nearby house in the early wednesday morning hours; this is something i have never seen before in the 2 + years i've been living in this space. and, tonight, while sitting outside eating dinner with my momma & bro after moving loads of stuff into my new space my bro noticed a cat sitting on the windowsill of an apt. across the street from my new home!

on wednesday morning while running an errand before work i noticed a woman at a flower vendor on 17th street wearing a straw hat with a pink ribbon tied around it. seeing her & her hat touched & tickled me! she (the proprietor, perhaps?) was holding lilium/oriental hybrid lillies in her hands. she was clipping them and placing them in a bucket of water. the meaning of the lilium/oriental hybrid lily is: "Majesty, Sweetness, Female, Flirting."

*in the wee small hours of this morning (on my way to my spiritual direction appt.), i noticed a penny on the ground, just a couple o' blocks from my home, my starting point. when my bro, momma and i went to see a psychic medium earlier this year (about our beloved bella) she told us that bella leaves pennies for us and to look out for the pennies. since that time i receive & understand the (abundance of) pennies sprinkled along my path as gifts from bella & loving affirmations that i am living in alignment & i am in the perfect place. to discover a penny at the start of this particular morning (the day i began the process of moving out of my little blue house, where i experienced so much in 2+ years, and into my new home space) was deliciously delight-full! i immediately exclaimed (to bella), "you ROCK!"

what glimpses/miracles are you catching? what glimpses/miracles are catching you?


MiaStella said...

Pennies from Bella. That makes me so happy. I love that thought.

Kirsten Michelle said...

i'm not sure how i ended up here...but i'm happy i did. i love the title. i'm going to settle in and vist for a while...