Tuesday, August 21, 2007

making my way back here...

it is my birthday eVe!
my heart is fuLL.
i am gUSHing with gratitude.
for my LifE.
for the endless, endless, endless GifTs & gRaceS...

*friendSHIP & preSenCe & SISterhood & all kinds of deLicIoUs-neSS: rendezvous-ing in nyc with one of my beloved friends from california in the midst of a storm & eating warm prosciutto, asparagus and goat cheese sandwiches & taking a misty, friday evening walk in search of dessert/warm beverages & continuing the conversation that began long, long ago; an unusually cool, blue sky, summer, early saturday morning in brooklyn with a. and b. filled with warm, homemade blueberry muffins and earl grey tea conversation; sunday evening dinner at my nest with darling l. & a walk in the rain to sip warm drinks and share a rich peanut butter chocolate dessert and an equally flavor-full conversation; and, a 20 1/2 hour visit with my dear friends, s. and a., and their doggie dear & eating pizza at my favorite pizza place & playing cards & conversing & being at home & laughing & asking questions & celebrating birthdays and their anniversary & going out to dinner, sipping mojitos and sharing bites & enjoying warm beverages made with love at the coffee shop on the corner & taking walks with the doggie dear in the pouring rain & it all being perfect.
*fAMily: sharing tomorrow evening in the big city with my bro, momma and poppa & receiving an e-mail from my momma today with these words..."this time 32 years ago you and me were packing for the hospital. love you and kiss you and hug you. you my baby."
*aDveNtuRe: planning a journey in this new year in my life to heart-shaped Africa. Africa is the place beloved bella spoke of & imagined traveling to since she was a wee one. Africa is the continent from which sweet bella journeyed on to participate in adventures beyond this physical, earthly realm.
*mAiL: assorted & col0r-full & generous & thought-full treasures in my mailbox.
*WorDs: "The sun hears the fields talking about effort/and the sun/smiles,/and whispers to/me,/"Why don't the fields just rest, for/I am willing to do/everything/to help them/grow?"/Rest, my dears, in/prayer." (St. Catherine of Siena, in Love Poems from God, Daniel Ladinsky, translator)
*sEASons: enjoying this summer season & considering a new season in my external landscape (autumn) & internal terrain (recently the image of a fetus keeps showing up in my mind/heart/spirit space).
*raIn: a string of rainy days. the universe releasing her tears? mirrors my own releasing. i love how this tender soul speaks of tears: "sacred water. goddess water. holy water."
*grEEn: my color these days & the color of the 4th chakra.

tonight, dear ones, i wish you rest. deep, nourishing, uninterrupted & dreamy rest. bless you & your beloved ones.

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Kirsten Michelle said...

happy, happy birthday to you, sweet gem.
may the year ahead be filled with absolutely everything you need ;-)