Wednesday, August 22, 2007

32 & "to know the resilience of green"

  1. today is my 32nd birthday & i am creating this list of 32!
  2. today i wore the color orange.
  3. my nest is full of eucalyptus & daisies & other color-full flowers. thanks, m.!
  4. i now have a dvd player & new silver hoop earrings. thanks, fam!
  5. i also have an aero-bed. thanks, s. & a.
  6. i have received oodles of love e-mails & texts & cards & gifts & phone calls & hugs from philadelphia & portland, maine & portland, oregon & senegal, africa & colorado & new jersey & virginia & california & wyoming & new york city & rhode island & vermont & washington, dc.
  7. i teared up while reading/receiving this message from j., "HAPPY days are ahead".
  8. my co-workers surprised me by organizing a little gathering at one of my favorite sweet spots in the city. i enjoyed a warm chai latte & a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing. yummy! i also enjoyed sitting in a circle with these people, my co-workers, for whom i have the deepest affection. they create a space of light & laughter daily. awe-some.
  9. bella placed a shiny birthday penny on my path which i discovered as i crossed over 15th street on my way back to work after an inspiring early morning meeting at a local university.
  10. i received Chris Heeter's Wild Thoughts in my e-mail inbox and i am delighting in the perfection of this: "In a matter of days the landscape has transformed itself./Dusty brown fields now glow green/in the wake of storms./ was still there, just out of sight,/waiting for the rains to awaken the hue./...To trust that the rains will come,/to follow the guidance of bright flowers,/to know the resilience of green.../This is a faith all its own."
  11. on saturday i will be celebrating my birthday at the beach with my beloved roomie, l. l. is no longer my roomie. we live close by, three blocks between my nest & her nest. i will probably always refer to her as "my roomie."
  12. i made a wish for clarity.
  13. i made a wish for love.
  14. next week i will travel to boston to visit with friends. soul friends. friends who are family.
  15. this year, in autumn, i will travel to portland, maine for the first time.
  16. this year i will attend my 10 year college reunion.
  17. this year i will be ordained an interfaith minister.
  18. this year friends from dc, ohio & colorado (and, perhaps friends from other places!) will visit me in my city & stay in my nest & rest their bodies on my brand new aero-bed!
  19. this year i am being light.
  20. i am writing.
  21. i am collaging.
  22. i am praying.
  23. i am practicing & deepening my yoga practice.
  24. i am practicing & deepening my meditation practice.
  25. i am reading.
  26. i am YES!
  27. i am allowing.
  28. i am creating structures that support me.
  29. i am showing up.
  30. i am dancing.
  31. i am birthing.
  32. i am grateful.

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