Monday, October 15, 2007


i returned from a scrump-didly-umptious visit to portland, maine a few hours ago. i was visiting with one of my soulsisters, c, and some of the dynamite people in her life--her partner, a doggie dear, a magical soulfriend and a couple of her colleagues from work.

it was sacred time. time filled with this kind of merriment: good morning & goodnight hugs; enthusiastic welcomes from the creatures (animal & human) in c's life; yummy pizza; cups & cups & cups more of tea; a trip to the farmer's market on saturday morning; a women's hike on saturday late morning/early afternoon; sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying sunday morning breakfast--sharing/unrolling a cinnamon roll with three other beloved people, sipping hot cocoa & nibbling on a tasty bagel sandwich; changing leaves; crisp air; smoothies; gazpacho; sunday afternoon hours in the kitchen preparing (slowly, lovingly & communally) an apple custard pie; hot cocoa made by c's partner; walks on the beach; heart-opening & heart-widening & inspiring & centering conversations; rest-full nights of sleep; a saturday afternoon lunch which included a vanilla nutmeg milkshake & sweet potato fries; stars; a sliver of the moon; a movie; receiving the gift of guan yin; a sunday evening walk in downtown portland; music; and, fresh & non-toxic air.

i am oozing, oozing, oozing with gratitude & inspiration!


mccabe said...

i would like all of the above please.
with a side of hashbrowns.

i am so glad you had some good time to replensish and refuel!! it sounds all kinds of lovely.

your friend
mccabe x

bella said...

This sounds delicious.
To be fed on so many levels, from so many sources, is such contentment.