Thursday, January 3, 2008

allow glow slow world

i come here not knowing what i will write or speak of. this happens sometimes. sometimes i just need to come here and allow.

allow. when i look at this word i see the word glow. when i look at the word glow i see slow. in slow i see world.

allow glow slow world.

tonight, while walking home from a kundalini yoga class, i noticed that i was inhabiting my body. calm. still. rooted. yes, even in the 20 degrees (feels like 13 degrees) weather. centered. not rushing. weaving. flowing. one step led gracefully into another, into another. no effort.

i stepped out into the cold (after yoga class), walking the same pavement i've walked before (many times before). for the first time i saw the word "MANGO" etched in the cement. i took a step back. confirming, yes!, that word is "MANGO." ha-ha-ha! mangoes were one of bella's last & most celebrated discoveries on this earthly plane.

after last night's tears/sobs, over-sleeping (a necessity today, it seemed), waking with swollen eye lids, a headache dancing along the edges of migraine territory and a challenging day at work...i made my way to this yoga class and i made my way home (on a number of levels). bella put the mango on top.

what's the mango on top of your day?

a word about bella...when i speak of bella i could easily call her by her other names, how i am coming to know her, discovering her, in our love adventure. i could call her my reflection; we are all divine reflections of one another (as i understand/experience it). i could call her spirit. i could call her wisdom or guide or goddess or ancestor or joy or light or divine love or wonder or goodness. when i speak of her, i am speaking of all of this and the simplicity of this: she is eternal life and connective breath. she lives in me and i in her. we are source.


Kirsten Michelle said...

i so loved "your word about bella," beautiful and eloquent and encompassing.
happy new year, gem.

bella said...

your words glow right off the page.

pERiWinKle said...

Beautiful your words...happy new year to a 'gem' in our lives! xx

pERiWinKle said...

mangoes makes me think of my dad! He loves everything mango..and I love him so...thanks for seeing 'mango'...and reminding me to close my eyes and remember...xx