Saturday, February 2, 2008

faerie dust

do you believe in faeries/fairies? i do. here's a sprinkling of faerie dust for you:

*"The dance of life lasts for all eternity. Take part in it." a card from The Wisdom of Elves and Fairies by Gayan Sylvie Winter
*this song (discovered here)
*these Juicy Living Cards (by SARK): "Breathe/Yes/it's O.K./Go Back To Sleep/Call later/Nap/Quit/Sleep/Nap/it's O.K./Actually, I don't feel like it/Go Without Me/No Worries/Clock of Forgiveness" and "Go To Where You Want To Be, and The Resources Will Follow/I Bring You Gorgeous Flowers To Stand Beside Your Gorgeous Self"
*lavendar. the color & scent.
*my practice/observation this month: Tapas/Austerity. from the Karma Yoga Department/Kripalu Center: "Tapas is the generating of heat and light. The heat is a psychosomatic energy that heats and purifies the body/mind...The practice of tapas is to follow through with our intentions and disciplines...Often we have to practice, practice, practice. We set an intention, follow it, fall short of our expectations, and try again and again and again. Using a discipline is part of re-patterning our inner reality, shifting our conditioning so that we can develop our highest expression in this life. Joyfulness with our outer discipline will lead to inner discipline with joy!" to read more, here's a linky-link.
*remembering in the dark, in the deep late night, my word for 2008: "believe."
*Clowns Without Borders: "no child without a smile"
*one of the queens of faerie dust sprinkling: pERiwINKle
*and, another: daisies
*and, another: jen lemen
*hippo memories, including this one.
*animal totems: one of my animal totems is the magpie.


pERiWinKle said...

Sweetie...thank you for including/listing me as some fairy make me feel special...and loved...and it humbles me...your words humble me...and I feel greatful! (Pixie's spelling)...I've been to the Dartmoor National Park..and saw the fairies dancing from tree to tree in an anchanted was magical...and made me feel 'magical'! xx

daisies said...

awwww ... thank you for including me in your fairy dust, how sweet are you, xox