Friday, February 1, 2008

peace in the process

this evening i sit. earlier i sat with my foot in an ice bath. one of many help-full suggestions offered by a generous soul who has worked as a physical therapist. a soul who was in our new office space today connecting our computers. i have met this man before. i did not know that this intersection of right foot ache & office move would gift me with such wisdom.

i am in awe, once again, of how i am being called to "step" out of the way and just allow spirit to work, flow, guide. his way lightened my heavy-ness. he stopped what he was doing and heard all of my, "i'm freaking out. i'm going to africa in three weeks..." he put down his tools and wires and asked me to take off my shoes, felt my feet, looked at my alignment (head to foot) and told me what he saw. no drama. no "i'm an expert." no insta-fix solution. just his ease-full offering. anointing. i am taken care of. i am so taken care of. i allow this.

i am growing in understanding that i must be an active participant in the healing of my physical body. i am getting this in my journey with food (supported by an exploration of Natalia Rose's work). now i am receiving it in a new way. today i remembered that my right foot has held and experienced much injury since my first year of college in 1993. i want to forget this history and simply push through and out of this (to not be in it as much as is possible). it is time to listen, to engage, to participate. not to simply deal with the inconvenience of it all (i.e., resist) & get through it. my body is calling for so much more than this. my body is calling for me. all is well.

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