Sunday, February 3, 2008

sunday's treasures

  • romaine lettuce, mung bean sprouts & baby bok choy salad dressed with homemade asian dressing
  • 3rd chakra exploration
  • listening to Eckhart Tolle, Snatam Kaur (these songs: By Thy Grace and Long Time Sun), Karen Drucker (this CD: Songs of the Spirit, vol. 2) & Devi Premal/Miten (this song: So Much Magnificence)
  • foot love: arnica montana & traumeel
  • sleeping for nearly 10 hours last night
  • releasing tears, holding, grief
  • the gift of a tribe of women who i call & when receiving their voice mails i am safe to spill open & sob
  • telling the truth: i'm scared
  • returned phone calls & messages
  • laughter
  • connecting with bloggie beauties in/through this space
  • this word, this prayer: union
  • identifying the perfect gift to give my big bro before me & momma travel to africa
  • gratitude for my life
  • remembering: the present moment
  • be-ing in/with my body
  • you


daisies said...

what absolutely wonderful treasures :)

bella said...

I cannot come here without being restored, renewed, reminded of what this life is about and what I want to give myself to in these days given.
my heart aches with the beauty of it all.
love to you.