Wednesday, February 20, 2008

packin' up

to heart-shaped Africa i am going. we (me & my momma) fly on friday early evening. to the land from which my dear bella's spirit rose to twirl & tango with the moon & the be of service in new ways.

here i go. it feels like i am "returning" to a land that has been calling out to me forever & ever. since the beginning & before the beginning. returning...even though i have never been to Africa in my physical body in this lifetime.

one of the gazillions of squealing-with-delight delights: taking bella's stuffed animal love that my momma, big bro & i purchased in july 1985, weeks before bella's birth. bella took her stuffed precious moments lamb love with her everywhere. everywhere except Africa. she left him for us. this lamb love is taking flight with us, too. and, no, no, no he will not be "checked."

bless you and all of your pilgrim voyages, internal & external, in the moments, hours, mornings, nights, days and weeks to come.


daisies said...

i have been thinking about you and this voyage, this pilgrimage and wishing you heart and beauty and love and love and light. safe travels my friend ... you are in my thoughts as the anniversary of the loss of my sister and two babies approaches with the warm spring light and i realize that i have healed and found peace. i want that for you too. xox

Kirsten Michelle said...

i'm not sure you'll get this before you leave, but i hope it finds you somewhere on your travels...
i'll be thinking of you as you take this spiritual and necessary pilgrimage. sending you love and light to guide and protect you...although i'm certain bella will provide all that you need and more.
with love,

bella said...

thinking of you, sending you love and traveling mercies.
i know how much this journey holds for you.
may you know healing and love and hear Bella's voice bringing you home to your own true self.
love, love, love to you.

pERiWinKle said...

just to say i miss you...

hope the african sun warms your heart and brings the smile from within xx

Jen Ballantyne said...

Wow I had no idea you were off on such a pilgrimage. I just popped over to thank you for your support and I love your blog, so I will be back many times. I wish you everything you need from this trip, may it be full of wonder, grace and love. Hugs Jen B. xxx

bella said...

Thinking of you today and sending you light and love.