Wednesday, October 1, 2008

100 heart*full things

it's my 100th post! in celebration i have created a list of 100 heart*full things. about me things, joy*full things, adventurous things, hope*full things...

please note: all definitions of words "i heart" (e.g., see number 30) came from here.
  1. i must create. it burns in and through me. it is the one thing i must do. create, create, create.
  2. i am hope*full. eternally hope*full.
  3. i am grate*full. generally, grate*full and grate*full to be hope*full.
  4. i create in a variety of ways...see numbers 5-11, specifically.
  5. putting together a chain of songs and making a mix o' love*light.
  6. preparing and sending snail mail.
  7. writing lists, letters, journal and blog entries.
  8. making collages.
  9. smiling at a passerby, watching a smile emerge on his/her face and receiving a smile in return; spreadin' the love.
  10. baking made*with*love chocolate chip walnut cookies, (made-from-scratch-not-from-a-box) banana walnut bread, coconut thumbprint cookies and blueberry crumb pie.
  11. saying "please" and "thank you"; being respect*full and honoring.
  12. i am building a spiritual direction/spiritual guidance practice and this inspires me!
  13. i am called to attend an art retreat. Squam speaks to me.
  14. i have visions of attending Squam in 2009!
  15. i am yearning to return to ireland. soon, soon...
  16. i studied abroad in galway, ireland for a semester during college. it was a place/time where/when the most profound healing i'd known up to that point took place. i was 20 years old.
  17. while studying abroad i traveled in england and france.
  18. my soul*friends live in california; oregon; virginia; washington, dc; maine; new york; new jersey; massachusetts; senegal, africa; wyoming; pennsylvania; rhode island; ohio; montana; washington; and, vermont.
  19. i drink (with rare exceptions) tea (earl grey decaf., herbal & chai) and water. occasionally i drink cider and wine.
  20. i do not like the taste of beer or coffee.
  21. i heart bright colors: orange and red, in particular.
  22. 22 is the day of my birth.
  23. when i was 23 years old i lived in billings, montana.
  24. the color of my hair matches this season. i have red/auburn/autumn hair. just like my poppa.
  25. i heart angel dogs.
  26. my parents live with an angel dog, a soft coated wheaten terrier: part lamb, part polar bear. he's divine.
  27. i heart twinkle lights: multi*colored or clear. both are appreciated by me.
  28. i heart: one dessert, two forks (or, two spoons).
  29. i light candles and call out a gratitude(s) or call in an angel(s)...often my bella dear.
  30. i heart the word "intention" (noun): a course of action that one intends to follow. an aim that guides action; an objective.
  31. i heart brunch.
  32. i heart upcoming autumn travels to a lake in southern new jersey and to portland, maine to honor momma earth and this season in the company of angel*dears, heart*friends, soul*sisters and family.
  33. i am 33 years old.
  34. i heart the word "scrumptious" (adjective): splendid; delectable.
  35. i heart mint chocolate chip ice cream; i prefer "white" over "green".
  36. my first blog discovery in the spring of 2002: keri smith.
  37. discovering the bloggie world and an endless, ever*unfolding string o' bloggie lights changed and continues to change my life.
  38. i heart crushes.
  39. i heart sweet, color*full dreams that i recall in the morning when i wake.
  40. i heart the word "mercy" (noun): compassionate treatment. alleviation of distress; relief.
  41. i heart live music.
  42. my word for 2008: believe.
  43. "remember" is the word that emerged to accompany "believe" in 2008.
  44. i inhale "believe" and exhale "remember". inhale "believe", exhale "remember"...
  45. i heart the word "cozy" (adjective): snug, comfortable, and warm. marked by friendly intimacy.
  46. i heart the word "prayer" (noun): a reverent petition made to god, a god, or another object of worship. an act of communion with god, a god, or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving.
  47. i heart birds.
  48. i heart elephants.
  49. i heart family.
  50. i heart community.
  51. i heart tribe.
  52. i heart sisterhood.
  53. i heart motherhood.
  54. i heart books.
  55. i heart bookstores.
  56. i heart libraries.
  57. i heart lists.
  58. i heart memes.
  59. i heart simplicity.
  60. i heart taking evening/night walks in the dark and passing by people's homes and being warmed & lit up by thoughts of what's inside: relationship, love, home...
  61. i heart the word "home" (noun): a place where one lives; a residence. a dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household. an environment offering security and happiness. a valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin. the place, such as a country or town, where one was born or has lived for a long period. the native habitat, as of a plant or animal. the place where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted; a source.
  62. i heart this list of 100s from marta writes.
  63. i heart this (a work in progress) list of 100 ideas from keri smith.
  64. i remember roller*skating and bike*riding when i was a wee one.
  65. i remember what the pizza at the local roller*rink tasted like when i was a wee one. de*licious.
  66. i remember eating entire pints of ben & jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on summer nights in high school while hanging out with my friend and tennis doubles partner, t.
  67. i heart living in a place where there are four distinct seasons.
  68. i heart the moon.
  69. i heart ritual.
  70. i heart worship.
  71. i heart practice.
  72. i remember eating raisin toast and playing "old maid" with my bro and maternal grandmother on saturday mornings when i was a wee one.
  73. i remember eating ellio's pizza and tastykake chocoloate cup cakes at my maternal grandmother's home when i was a wee one.
  74. the middle name of my momma's three kiddies is her maiden name; a gift i treasure.
  75. i only wear one contact, in my right eye.
  76. my momma's three kiddies all have/had completely different hair colors: my bro's hair color is jet black; my little sista's hair color was a golden/brownish; and, mine is, as you know, red/auburn.
  77. my older bro, b., is 21 months older than me; he was only 1 year ahead of me in school (i was young for my grade). my momma calls us her "twins."
  78. my first time on a plane, at the age of 19, was for a flight to israel.
  79. i was lucky enough to have my favorite teacher two times in elementary school: in 2nd grade and in 4th grade.
  80. i never knew my grandfathers. my paternal grandfather died when my poppa was 8 years old. my maternal grandfather died when my momma was 16.
  81. i miss my maternal grandmother, g. she was generous and classy and loving. i felt cozy, safe and at home with her.
  82. a major part of my grieving bella's sudden death is dealing with the loss of a child. this is a deeply tender & personal part of my grief. i don't think people understand it/don't have a point of reference for it. bella was 10 years younger than me and 12 years younger than her bro., b. while she twinkled and twirled here in her physical body i loved her as a momma loves a child. i mothered her; i parented her. i grieve the death of my sister and friend, yes. and, there is mostly the grief of losing a child, my only child (up to this point).
  83. i worked in a church rectory during my "middle school" years.
  84. i worked in a toy store in my hometown my senior year of high school.
  85. i worked at the college library and at tower records in college.
  86. i didn't go to preschool.
  87. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
  88. i grew up in new jersey.
  89. nj is an entirely misunderstood state. i don't say this defensively. it just is.
  90. there actually is a truth in nj being called/named the "garden" state.
  91. i love living in my city.
  92. i have never owned/leased a car.
  93. my feet have always been my primary mode of transportation.
  94. i am a reiki master practitioner.
  95. i am an ordained interfaith minister.
  96. i sense that i will live in new england long term in the future.
  97. i love what photographs have the capacity to capture, the pieces of moments & the spirit of things/beings.
  98. i'd like to learn how to (among other things...): knit and play piano.
  99. nature is my teacher and healer. all i need to do to access the teaching and the healing is step outside and plant both feet on the ground.
  100. i'm a the cup is half full, 3/4 full, over*flowing kind of a gal.


daisies said...

happy 100th post!

Anonymous said...

psst! squam-y roomie, it has been cozy and close, curled with tea and snowflakes up here-- learning about you from these droplets of devotion! i am a 22nd birthday girl, too! i look forward to meeting you, (overflowing!), in september, and am savoring every second of the journey 'til squam. i love that you have a soul*tribe, oh, the idea! i could gush on . . . 'til soon, enjoy. ~dm.