Thursday, October 2, 2008

7 discoveries & 7 more

7 recent bloggie*world discoveries:

1. i heart this post at {the penny has dropped}. the title is near and dear to me: "{soul sister}". you must read it here. i thought of my dear friend, d., when i read this. she and i have become sweetly close in recent months/the past year. indeed, a grat*nour.

2. i referred to this site in a recent post and i am in*spired to say a bit more about 3191 a year of evenings. this site contains an evening image from one beauty in portland, maine and another evening image from a beauty in portland, oregon. read more here about the release of their book A Year of Mornings / 3191 Miles Apart. i heart this idea.

3. i am lovin' this site: A Beautiful Mess. i am wantin' this Autumn Loves Craft Kit.

4. ilka's attic. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. her study in red post is enchanting.

5. Be...Dream...Play... continues to speak to me.

6. i am touched by this post by particular, the words about beginning imperfectly.

7. the grand finale: i love, love, loved this post entitled Seven Sensational Things To Do When You're Not Feeling So Super by jen lemen over here.

that 7th bloggie*world discovery inspired me to write my own list o' 7.

here is a list o' 7 things/options that support me when i need supportin' (i.e., when i'm in a yucky*mucky head/mind space):

1. pause. stay paused. for as long as it takes. sometimes this looks like coming to a screeching halt and re*grouping/re*grounding and then takin' that next step.

2. lie down, if necessary. and, do nothing else but lie down. do not turn on the television or grab a book or magazine. just lie down.

3. find my breath. breathe. deeply. find my center. feel my center.

4. dance it out. Kris Carr taught me this.

5. be mind*full of when how i'm "feeling" is running the show. in particular, when i'm in a dis*empowering, life*defeating "i don't feel like it" space. allow for it and make room for other options.

6. move. literally change my landscape. go outside. go into the office. go to the coffeeshop. notice shift happening.

7. practice, practice, practice presence. i find this practice sometimes more appropriately named: the practice of delaying instant gratification. rather than going for the easy thing/distraction (e.g., food, television) i do the hardEST thing ever and taste and tune into what is right here, right now.

do you have any 7's to share?

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