Wednesday, October 1, 2008

bursting open

happy october!

today i wrote in my journal:
"open october intentions: to seek openings; to live in open*ness."

what are your october intentions?

today i worked from 9 a.m. - 12 noon in my office and i cleared the rest of the day to come home, re*ground, re*center and create. a gift to me. five delicious hours before i need to catch a train for a meeting this evening. on my list for to*day: blog; clean/clear my home space (a little autumn cleaning!); prepare and package up some love*mail; eat a nourishing meal before i catch my 5:53 pm train; and, rest, relax and breathe (deeply).

what's on your list for to*day?

yesterday evening i received an e-mail entitled, "You're the winner!", from the divine Christine Mason Miller. i've been admiring Christine's book (without actually holding this treasure in my hands) , Ordinary Sparkling Moments, and i won a free, signed copy of this soul*full creation. lucky, lucky, lucky me! Christine announced the delicious*ness here, as well. i look forward to receiving the soul*fuel that this book will offer as i continue to create and share my work/art/being in the world, day by day.

a grat*nour for sure: this being called a "winner" (as we all are!) and receiving something from a generous beam of light nearly 2,500 miles away.

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Melissa said...

~YAY~ Congratulations on being the 'winner' of the book! Enjoy and eat it all up.

Super cool blog...I'm adding it to my list of favorites.