Thursday, November 27, 2008

giving thanks

i am thanksFULL for:
*my family.
*my work.
*my co-workers.
*my nest.
*the view from my nest. looking out into the dark evening/night and seeing buildings with windows and rooms filled with light. light in the dark. makes me think of this post by Jen Lee.
*friday's snowflakes.
*my tribe.
*phone conversations.
*art making.
*kundalini yoga.
*weekly tea dates with t.
*two voice mail messages from bella saved on my phone. i know both of these messages by heart.
*this year's journey to heart-shaped Africa.
*my spiritual director.
*the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.
*the opportunity to practice mindFULLness while washing dishes.
*loving & connecting text & pix messages.
*handwritten notes.
*attending & completing seminary & being ordained an interfaith minister.
*farmers markets.
*wild horses.
*my hometown.
*the gift of walking.
*forgiveness. in particular, self-forgiveness.
*polka dots.
*doggie dears.
*my rosary beads & my mala beads.
*hardwood floors.
*honoring myself, my whole self.


pen* said...

happy thanksgiving x

Susan Tuttle said...

You and I have very similar lists my friend! Happy Thanksgiving!