Wednesday, November 26, 2008

marinating in the bliss

as i write this, with the intention to post it in the early a.m., i am marinating in the bliss of being in the presence of the great, wise Mary Oliver. i wrote to a friend, "with each spoken word it felt as if she was offering me/us a communion wafer." it was a holy and sweet time. no doubt, i will wake in the morning of this thanks*giving eve, also my big bro's 35th birth*day, marinating still.

i am in touch with my deepest cravings (for): quiet prayer, gentle partnership, fresh air communion, the freedom of forgiveness and still*full presence.

"What i want to say is that the past is the past and the present is what [my] life is and [I am] capable of choosing what that will be [me, a] darling citizen. So [I will] come to the pond, or the river of [my] imagination, or the harbor of [my] longing, and put [my] lips to the world. And live [my] life."
-from "Mornings at Blackwater" by Mary Oliver

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