Saturday, August 22, 2009


3number 4

today i am celebrating my 34th birth*day. this week i've been working on a list: 34 for 34. here are my 34 for 34:
  1. feel safe, comfortable, delighted, connected & inspired in my new home.
  2. attend Squam Art Workshops in september. i arrive in 3 1/2 weeks!
  3. (continue) being bRAVe in this.
  4. build my practice.
  5. write, write, write.
  6. publish one or two or + of my writings.
  7. follow my heart.
  8. listen for spirit's guidance.
  9. celebrate, enjoy & laugh with beLOVEds.
  10. make podcasts.
  11. post a vlog or two or three...
  12. be with my family at thanksgiving & christmas.
  13. travel to wyoming to officiate a commitment ceremony.
  14. create & lead 4 seasonal rituals.
  15. co-create a local creative expression group. meet monthly.
  16. co-create a local spirit group. meet monthly.
  17. participate fully in the Mondo Beyondo inaugural on-line course.
  18. create a course.
  19. collaborate with another bloggie beauty on an on-line project.
  20. say "yes!" when & only when i am a heart*full "yes!"
  21. nourish, heal & strengthen the temple of my body.
  22. honor my daily morning practice.
  23. plan a trip abroad.
  24. travel to portland, maine to visit with beauties a few times throughout the year.
  25. travel to the berkshires to visit with friends.
  26. create, be & share in loving partnership.
  27. take daily photos.
  28. continue to practice the great lesson of 2009: flow. keep the energy flowin'.
  29. go to a halloween party.
  30. go apple and/or berry picking.
  31. continue the work that is unfolding in partnership with Women for Women International in honor of bella.
  32. cultivate a powerful & aligned relationship with time.
  33. cultivate a powerful & aligned relationship with technology.
  34. honor my voice & my intuition.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday! You list is inspiring and fun. I lurk a lot on this blog, but please know I am always uplifted when I read your words.

Susan Tuttle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!! I heart #7!


Leah said...

happy belated b-day! what a great list!!

Anonymous said...

~~a happy happy year to you, gem!~~

pen* said...

dearest gem,
happy belated birthday,
may your 34th year be filled with magical adventures :)

Helen said...

Oh I love making lists for my birthday! Whoa this year it's 37. Good to see you at Squam! I think we were maybe in Jen Lee's class together? Oh I don't know. So many lovely women.