Sunday, June 17, 2007

walk your path

this morning while completing my morning practice i heard these words: "walk your path." the message was: "you, yes, you! go forth! create! walk! walk your path. not somebody else's path. not somebody else's idea of your path. your path. your path."

perhaps this is to be my newest mantra or affirmation: "i am walking my path."

i have a path. i know this. and, sometimes i forget or i lose my way. these days my work, my calling is: reclaiming the ground of my heart. i am cultivating the seeds. i am weeding. i am planting new seeds. i am getting grounded & rooted. i am getting my hands dirty.

others are welcome & invited. yes, indeed! you, who are active & responsible participants in your reclaiming, cultivating, planting, grounding, rooting, healing & whole-making process. yes, please, please, join me!

on thursday morning, after returning home from the river, i unearthed some words (folded and tucked away in a book). nine years ago a divine woman wrote these words on a piece of light purple paper and gave them to me. this piece of paper has returned to my altar and i read these words every day:

I have to trust what was given to me
if I am to trust anything...
I have to hold it up in my hands as my ribs hold up my heart
I have to let it open its wings and fly among the gifts of the unknown
again in the mountain I have to turn
to the morning

I must be led by what was given to me
as streams are led by it
and braiding flights of birds
the gropings of veins the learning of plants
the thankful days
breath by breath...
out of chaos
come and be given
-W.S. Merwin

a word has been floating around in my space for days now: guided. i feel guided.

if you were to chose one word that expresses exactly how you are feeling as you make your way on your path/journey, what would this one word be?

blessings to you & yours.


kelly rae said...

oh this is a great question. guided is a good one. i do feel that. i definitely feel that right now. hmmmm...

shepherdgirl said...

hmmm. I want to ponder this, as my 'path' has taken me into such a different place these past few years on the farm...I want to say 'split bund meshing'...I'm so glad youa re coosing to write here. xo for me and Lambie Sarah Pie

Erika Rae said...