Sunday, November 4, 2007

aparigraha & glimmers

in july i began a journey of exploring at a deeper level the 5 yamas (restraints/abstentions) and 5 niyamas (observances) as outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. i've been working with one yama each month since july and when i complete my journey with the yamas (at the end of november) i will begin to explore one niyama each month for 5 months.

this month i am working with the yama, aparigraha (non-possessiveness, non-attachment). daily i am reading & digesting these j*u*i*c*y words about aparigraha (words shared with me by the kripalu center/karma yoga department, where i studied/practiced/served for 4 months in 2003):

"As I trust that there is more than enough for me, I create a spacious world for everyone. When I am safe and taken care of, I can provide that for others. When there is plenty of room for me to shine, I am willing to let you shine, be powerful, and be wonderful. Then the world is more beautiful. We begin to live in a world where life is full, we all have all we could possibly want, and all there is left to do is relax into that awareness and extend that generous spirit to others."

yes to this: trust, enough, spacious-ness, world, safe, plenty o' room, shine, be, powerful, wonderful, beautiful, live, full, relax, awareness, extend, generous!

what are you practicing or working with this month? what are you a "yes!" to?

here we are in november. some bloggie lights (bloggers who inspire me) are posting daily for NaBloPoMo. in particular, i'm loving visiting here and here. i love the use of the word "glimmer" and the question, "What do you want to take note of this November?" in this post. although i am not participating in NaBloPoMo, in each of my posts for the month of november i will be noting glimmers, the sparks/flashes of light for which i am grate-full.


*a tasty, ease-full, & connecting/reconnecting saturday evening/night visit with my bro.
*this fairy wisdom: "Your inner truth is your guiding light."
*the call to explore elephants (symbolizing, among other things: strength, ancient wisdom, commitment, power & patience) and Guan Yin (the bodhisattva of compassion). do you ever have the experience of something/someone showing up again & again & again in the most magical & mysterious ways? elephants and Guan Yin are the ones showing up for me these days. they are offering themselves to me as guides, teachers & companions as i make my journey...

what are your glimmers?

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bella said...

YOU are one of my glimmers.
There is a connection I feel with you and every time I read your words I get that gut knowing inside me that we are kindreds and connected beyond what we even know.
And your words are always glimmers to me. They are like signposts, reminders of my true self, and when I hear them and let them enter me, I am called back to that home within myself.

Let your light SHINE!!!!
As you do, it sends sparks of life and my own light glows ever brighter and warmer and wider.