Tuesday, December 4, 2007

lit up

i was blessed to arrange my day in such a way that i was home to watch/experience Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah this afternoon at 4 pm. it was Elizabeth's second time on Oprah. i sat and listened and smiled, mirroring Elizabeth's smile, i noticed. as always, she was full of wisdom & grace & light & humor & play & humility, reflecting what i treasure most in my human being-ness, our human being-ness.

Elizabeth spoke of stillness and saying, "No." she spoke of having a "bigger smaller life" and knowing that she is her "best person" when she has "less on her plate." ah, yes. me, too. Elizabeth also spoke of how this book was her "word ladder", the process of writing allowed her to climb up and out of what she was in. i love this image of words stacked on top of each other, leading us up (or, through), bit by bit. speaking of writing in this way resonates for me.

when i was 17 years old and going through a pain-full time in my young life my dearest sister-friend, s., handed me a brown paper grocery bag one summer afternoon and said, "this is your therapy." the bag was filled with all kinds of goodies and the thing i treasure most about that bag (aside from being loved & cared for that much!) was being given a five-star, spiral-bound, blue, plastic-covered notebook. i wrote and i wrote and i wrote and i wrote and i am writing still.

writing is one of my "holy callings" (something Elizabeth speaks of). writing is one way that i pray. each word is an offering. writing is where i name my truth, where i come home to me and remember that i am a life-affirming, lit up, spirited, color-full, peace-full, generous, brave, pure, joy-full, healing, truth-full, loving being. always i come to this when i write, my essence.

beyond today's open door are some words offered up by the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert today on Oprah. i didn't catch all of the words. here's what i caught:

"Fill up your own self in your own skin...that becomes your offering...that alone is enough...be an example of how to live a...blessed life."


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bella said...

Word ladder.
This image startled me with its beauty.
Thank-you for sharing and now I"m off to see if I can't tivo oprah when she's on late tonight on repeat.