Friday, December 7, 2007

answered prayer

i've been feeling swirly-twirly lately. things are a-brewin'. feeling unsettled, ungrounded and in some ways easily shaken and overstimulated. at times this week when i've spoken, it's felt disconnected from my center, my voice, reactive even. i've been withdrawing a bit. feeling some deep, core sadness. wanting to allow. wanting to surrender. wanting to let this (and, me) to just be okay, enough even. receiving the invitation to tend to my soil, the ground of my being, strengthen my sweet and fertile foundation. it's gem's time. as i write that last sentence the universe is whispering in my ear an "a-men" & a hearty "mmm-hmm". all the angels are nodding. yet, i seem to be resisting it. resisting me.

in this moment, i affirm: i am present. i trust fully that this moment will lead to the next moment perfectly (gentle note to gem, "please step out of the way, darling.").

last night, before sleep, i asked god/spirit to send me a message, to let me know what i needed to know while i slept. this morning i woke refreshed. my first thought was: i feel as though i've been washed clean, my mind and my body. i am so grateful. thank you, great spirit.

thinking of this poem, today's open door offering...

from Being Home
by Gunilla Norris

"First thought-as in 'first light'-
let me be aware that I waken in You.
Before I even think that I am in my bed,
let me think that I am in You.

Eyes crusted over, mouth dry,
my creature self feels so inert and dumb.
Let me be aware that these words
searching toward You into consciousness
are also coming from You.

You are waking me out of this sleepiness
into awareness that my life, my thoughts,
my body, my tasks, my loves, passions,
and sorrows are gifts from You,
to be discovered and received this day.

Each hour wake me further to find You.
Let me relish in You, exult in You,
play in You, be faithful in You.
Let me be wholly present
to living the gift of time.

Help me to feel tremendous, unrelenting joy
which is Your constancy
and which will not let any of us go.
Wake me to You."

beauty-full, miraculous beings, may this day be filled with loving wake-full-ness, light-full awareness & complete okay-ness.

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bella said...

You are being guided by an inner voice that knows and it is a brave thing to trust her wisdom.
You inspire me.